Earthwatch: It’s our responsibility too!

IBM’s implementation partner for CSC USA 1, Earthwatch Institute, hosted a Citizen Science Activity for us yesterday with the guidance of Dr Kevin Czajkowski and our teacher, Gitte Venicx, Earthwatch Institute’s Director of Strategic Partnerships. In case this is the first time you have encountered the term, Citizen Science, refers to the involvement of the public in data collection and analysis related to the world in collaboration with professional scientists. 

And so, yesterday, we learned about Urban Heat Island which refers to urban areas having significantly warmer temperatures than surrounding rural areas mainly driven by various human activities. To put this to test, we paired up and went to different parts of the city to measure surface temperature using infrared thermometers. We then went back to log the data we collected for analysis purposes. It was a great experience for us to be part of something that can be used to help promote awareness and share knowledge. With the things we have been learning the past week, it becomes more clear that we should all take part in improving the quality of life of everyone here on earth.

Citizen Science 1

Last week, Gitte discussed Earth Overshoot Day which marks the date by which we, human beings, have exhausted and depleted nature’s budget for the year. This 2018, we reached that mark on August 1 which means as of this writing we are running on deficit, using 1.7 Earths .

It’s great to have an organization like Earthwatch who engages people all over the world to understand the impact of our actions and how we can help contribute to a sustainable environment. Taking part in the Citizen Science activity was a great a reminder that we are all accountable in taking care of the world we live in.  May we all take the necessary actions, big or small to do our part.

Citizen Science 2.jpg


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